Give up the foods that no longer serve you!

I help people eliminate foods from their diet by helping them change their relationship with food and themselves. Start feeling better physically and emotionally.

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Why can’t you stop eating the food you need or want to give up?

If you are like me, you have been struggling for months or years to completely give up food that you know doesn't make you feel good. Why is that?

You don't really want to give it up

"Food is who I am! I don't want to be that weirdo that doesn't eat certain foods!"

You feel deprived and resentful

"It's not fair! I should be able to eat whatever I want. I just wish I could eat how I used to."

You don't really want to give it up

"Look, I tried eliminating the foods, and it is literally impossible. Trust me, I tried!"


But there is hope and it starts by choosing yourself

Giving up the foods that no longer serve you IS choosing yourself. Give yourself the gift of...

  • Showing up for yourself no matter what
  • Time to know if eliminating the food worked for you
  • Facing your food thoughts in order to change your relationship with food
  • Blowing your own damn mind and never looking back!
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Hi, I'm Maria, it's nice to meet you!

I have been where you are. Wanting to throw in the towel because it is just too hard. Refusing to think that a little bit of dairy could cause me harm. Searching for other answers as to why I felt horrible. Angry that everyone else could eat anything they wanted. Conflicted every time I opened the refrigerator door. Binge eating gluten and dairy as if it was the last time I would eat it and then suffering not only physical pain but personal shame. Wondering what was wrong with me that I could not just be done with it. Haunted by seeing it at family gatherings, social events or in my own pantry.

I turned it around by deciding to show up for myself anyway. I packed all of my shame, anger, resentment and desire in a backpack and brought them with me. I got to work on what thoughts were serving me and what thoughts were not. I started to notice my mind changing and my body also. I allowed my negative emotions to be there but they slowly stopped driving my decisions and actions. I felt in control and absolutely confident that I would show up for myself every time I was confronted with gluten and dairy.

My ability to do all of that came from everything I learned becoming a Life Coach. I know without a doubt in my mind that you can get there also. Let’s get to work.

Maria is an amazing coach and will get you your desired result every time. She had a great way of making me feel at ease when we worked together. She's great at what she does. Don't hesitate, choose Maria today.

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Are you ready to finally give it up so you can live it up?

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