Hi, I'm Maria, a Food Elimination Coach

I help you finally say no to those foods that are keeping you from living your dream life.


My story

Twenty years ago I was told by a Naturopathic doctor to eliminate gluten and dairy from my diet to heal a rash I had suffered from for over two months. It was the final straw after having been to several doctors, having countless blood tests done and persevering through a long series of IV antibiotics. I was desperate and willing to try anything. To my amazement and delight, it cleared up within a week and I was sold on the power of healing our bodies with food to feel our best.

The problem was… CHEESE! And pizza, ice cream, donuts, birthday cake, bread, pasta…. you get the picture. Who wants to give up these foods!?! I did not! It seemed unfair that a food I had consumed my whole life, I suddenly could not tolerate. Not only was it hard for me to believe, others rolled their eyes unconvinced that gluten and dairy were the cause of my distress. Where was the scientific research to back it up? Was it all in my head?

This question kept me going back and forth with eating and then not eating these foods. Each time I flipped, I gained more symptoms and would be convinced that something “new” must be wrong with me to physically feel so terrible. I would visit the doctor, have lab work done, find nothing was wrong and go back to food elimination to feel better. This cycle was on rinse and repeat for YEARS until I changed my relationship with food and myself.

I knew that food was the problem, but I had taught my brain to over-desire the foods I needed to eliminate and as a result I felt deprived and resentful saying no to them. My desire was the first indication of what was happening in my brain. Focusing on what was going on in my mind was the ticket to breaking the on and off again cycle I was in. My approach for managing my mind has changed my life forever. I would love to show you how it is done. Let’s get to work!

A bit more about me


- BS in Vocal Music Education

- MS in Education

- Certified Weight Loss & Life Coach, Life Coach School


I live in Denver, CO with my husband and two young children. I grew up in the Midwest with a large loving family. I love to sing, read and travel.


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