Are you ready to eliminate that food and feel better?

I am so excited to show you the way. My approach will provide you with all the tools you need to easily and successfully GIVE IT UP once and for all!!

1-on-1 Coaching

Through our 1-on-1 weekly coaching sessions, you are going to learn how to finally eliminate those foods from your diet that are harming you both physically and emotionally.

During our time together you are going to learn:

  • How allowing desire and urges to exist without responding to them retrains your brain
  • Why you continue to eat your eliminated food even though it is harming you
  • How to change your relationship with food by changing your relationship with yourself
  • How to confidently decide not to eat your eliminated food and love your reasons
  • How to make a food plan that is easy and enjoyable

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  • Understand where urges comes from
  • Love your food plan
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Maria is so easy to talk to. She really gets me thinking about things and looking at them in a way I hadn’t thought of before which has really made it easier for me to get through what felt like difficult times. I would highly recommend Maria to anyone!


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Frequently asked questions.

Here are some of the more common questions my clients ask me.

What platform is used for the meeting?

Zoom - You will need to download zoom before meeting. Once you schedule a meeting, you will receive an email containing the link for our meeting.

Will I lose weight by eliminating foods?

Yes, if it is your goal to lose weight.

Can this workshop work if I am wanting to give up smoking or drinking?

The knowledge gained in this program can help you eliminate anything but our focus is on food.

When the 8 weeks are over, can I still get coaching and be a member of the community?

Yes, more information on this will be coming soon.